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Board of Registrars

Board of Registrars
201 North Main Street Room 11
Sylvester, Georgia 31791
Phone: (229) 776-8208
Fax: (229) 776-8258
  • Sue Potts
    Chief Registrar
  • Brandi LeBlanc
    Deputy Registrar
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Sue Potts
Sue Potts - Chief Registrar

The Worth County Board of Registrars consists of three electors, of the court, who are appointed for a four year term by the judge of superior court in that county, from recommendations made by the county grand jury. The chief registrar is the chief admin officer of the board and generally supervises and directs the administration of the affairs of the board. The chief registrar acts as chairperson of the board and performs those functions normally devolving upon the chairperson. The board is required to meet once each month to transact the business of the board and can meet at other times as required by the chief registrant (ocga 21-2-212) Board Members are: Sue B. Potts, Chief Registrar, Irene Hall, Registrar, and Nell Sumner, Registrant.

Main Duties

Receiving and processing of voter registration application, receiving felony notices, death notices, and cancellation from the other states and removing these voters from the electors list, holding hearings as necessary to challenge the right of persons on the elector's lists, issuing absentee ballets for all elections. Work with local groups in coordinating local registration drives. Entering credit voting for elections, maintaining and ordering electors lists for use by Election Superintendent. Determination and placement of the electors of the proper Congressional, Senate House, and local districts, and the responsibility of mailing the acknowledgements or precinct cards to all electors, responsible for maintaining the current voter registration applications as well as files for at least two years of deleted registrations. Working closely with Municipal Registrars and Election Superintendent in the districting of municipals electors list. Assist the Election Superintendent in the redrawing of precinct and district lines. The Registrar duties are many and varied in both the registration and election process.


Commission Office
201 North Main Street
Sylvester, GA  31791
Phone: (229) 776-8200
Fax: (229) 776-8232
Courthouse. Photo by John Trainor.

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